Pregnancy Belt

The perfect pregnancy belt. Relieves pelvic girdle pain, SPD, and helps keep you active. Wear as a belly band to relieve low back pain by supporting your baby belly. Use post partum and then move it on to family or a friend who has a back problem or a baby on the way.


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Back Support Belt

For men and women who experience lower back pain. A Smileybelt back support belt will help you get more out of your day - whether in the garden, while exercising or while at work. Maintain joint stability while facilitating core muscles to work correctly.

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Why Smileybelt

Smileybelt Pregnancy Support Belts have been worn for over 20 years by thousands of pregnant women and new mothers.

Designed by a Women's Health Physiotherapist for pelvic joint pain during pregnancy, the Smileybelt is now being recognisied as not only a perfect pregnancy belt solution but as a back support for ANYONE wanting to minimise moderate back pain and keep active.

Recent research recommends wearing a support belt for back rehabilitation and prevention of re-injury.

Read our testimonials highly recommending our Smileybelt during pregnancy.