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Hi, welcome to Smileybelt Australia.

From a very small beginning, Smileybelt began operating in New Zealand 20 years ago making and marketing Maternity Support Belts.  As pregnant women, new mothers and people with lower back pain saw a reduction in pain, greater ease of movement, improved rehabilitation, and basically began to enjoy life again, they spread the word.

Our business has really grown over the years. We have been receiving orders from Australia for a long time now, but we know from experience; if you need a pregnancy support brace, you need it as soon as possible, preferably right now!

To better serve the Australian market we have established a distribution service in Melbourne, Australia. 

Fast delivery throughout Australia

Now you can order and receive your Smileybelt Maternity Support Belt and Back Support Belt in 1-2 days instead of 1-2 weeks. Orders are taken in Australia and shipped directly from Australia. Support, relief and and an improved quality of life are just a couple of days away!   smiley

Contact us for all of your Smileybelt queries

Please dont hesitate to contact Julia on: 

email    info@smileybelt.com.au  

whats app / txt / or call  +64 211 547 946

Manage your back pain and keep doing the things you love or need to do

We are here to help you keep active and are happy to communicate with you on lifestyle effects, posture and exercise.

To learn more about how a Smileybelt can help you, take a look at the Smileybelt for pregnancy pages to see our maternity support belt, and the Smileybelt for back pain page to see how our Smileybelt is also extremely effective for anyone who has mid to moderate back pain. 


To improved health and wellbeing, a better pregnancy, and an improved quality of life,

Julia and Christine.



Smileybelt History

Twenty years ago I worked as a women's health physiotherapist from home and was unable to access support belts from the big medical companies, so I designed my own maternity support belt.  The smiles of relief when my first two customers tried it on was the moment I decided to call my pregnancy support belt a Smileybelt. Since then it has sold by word of mouth and is worn in many countries throughout the world. Now men and women of all ages also wear Smileybelts to relieve their back pain. 

- Christine Snelling

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"I just wanted to say thank you to you and your team for the Smileybelt I ordered. I was very skeptical when ordering it as I couldn't understand how a belt could offer so much relief. After wearing it for a few days I couldn't believe the relief the belt gave my lower back. Before this I would be near to tears at night after running around after my toddler all day and finding it difficult to lift her. I cannot thank you enough as it has changed my whole pregnancy."

- Kamini, Dunedin

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