A back support belt helps enhance recovery and prevent reinjury

Anyone who has experienced low back problems knows they disrupt daily activities and future plans, and come with pain, frustration and disillusionment with life. Whatever the cause, the result is associated muscle spasm which inhibits activitity and sleep patterns, and over time creates muscle imbalances and altered posture.

Use a Smileybelt back support belt to ease back into activity

Evidence based treatment options for mild to moderate back pain now recommend in most cases we should keep moving rather than resorting to bed rest.  A postural back support belt can help with this by providing much needed support and allowing you to stay active and exercise with less fear of injury.

A back support belt can help sufferers of back pain at all stages

Whether you are at the early stage of recovery, getting back into normal daily activities, playing sport, or managing chronic back pain, a Smileybelt back support belt will help give you the security and confidence to get active and improve your physical health.

Both flexible and supportive, a Smileybelt will help reduce muscle spasm, stabilise pelvic and spinal joints, and encourage normal muscle patterns of movement when you move, enhancing recovery and preventing re-injury.



About Smileybelt

Our great service and quick delivery means fantastic back support, an enhanced recovery and a lessened chance of re-injury are just a few clicks away. Click here to read more about Smileybelt in Australia.

Smileybelt Back Support Belt Review

"So impressed with the Smileybelt you sent recently (instant relief, longer exercise time, reduced tiredness at the end of the day and better sleep) that I wanted to buy another so I can alternate them when one is washed. Thank you!"