A pregnancy support belt relieves low back and pelvic joint pain

Smileybelt pregnancy support belts have been helping pregnant women with back and pelvic girdle pain for over two decades.

Wearing a Smileybelt pregnancy support belt for back pain during pregnancy will:

  • Support and relieve sacro-iliac (SI) and symphysis pubis (SPD) joint pain, and maintain pelvic and trunk muscle tone.
  • Reduce abdominal strain and associated low back pain when worn as a belly support.
  • Improve posture and endurance and keep you on your feet during your pregnancy.

A pregnancy support belt that is comfortable, versatile and easy to wear day or night

Recommended by midwives, physiotherapists, gynaecologists, osteopaths, chiropractors and thousands of pregnant women. But don't just listen to us and them - read what our customers say.smiley

Great for after pregnancy and for general back pain

After your pregnancy you can wear your Smileybelt as an abdominal support to assist with lifting and carrying. Your over-stretched abdominal muscles will appreciate being held in a good position and this will facilitate them to return to their pre-pregnancy form.  Or, if you have any signs of backache after pregnancy, use your Smileybelt as a back support belt to give pelvic joint support and help prevent injury to these susceptible joints when lifting, carrying, bending and twisting.




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" gave the Smileybelt a go in bed last night... It was awesome! I even sneakily took it off to see the difference and it was HUGE... hightly recommend :))))

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